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Werewolf a Tophat
What is a baba?
I'm gooey, not baba!

Niedlich the Folf

Cute Folf.
At least someone got it. :p


Blue Frog | Avatar by Lenago
That was a brilliant idea


Wholesome Vixen
Loxxie is cosplaying as Kitana from Mortal Kombat for Halloween! And she’s wearing her ever luscious classic outfit, sure to make all the boys go wild! I just hope she doesn’t go around tearing people’s heads or limbs off.

Art by smaug smaug
Loxxie belongs to me



Sheogorath is my co-pilot
Ok, for the power of weekends!
I will awoooooo!

And then casually meow, nom, and generally try to find something to do. Possibly sleep.


Probably lurking.
Count to 100,000 that should keep you occupied


Probably lurking.
No... no spreading of coffee. only tea.


Yee to the haw


Joy Boi
*Twerks for the win*

Matt the Terrier

In a state of indecision
This is my win, dammit!
*places a giant Sappho plushie on top of the win to keep it pinned down*

Matt the Terrier

In a state of indecision
Yes today! I say it is so!
*Places a giant Meta, The Rat plushie on top of you*