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Last Thing You Did Before 2012


silly fox
I did some wild crazy things.


The Leftie
Signed a picture as 2011, then changed it to 2012. ....and then I blasted The Final Countdown and drank nearly a gallon of apple cider.


Fresh Prince of FAF
A fucking kegstand.


R'hllor Coaster
Watched Escape from New York with a room full of drunk people constantly making Metal Gear jokes. Every 15 minutes someone would say, "wait, his name is actually Snake?" Continue into 2012.


Kisses for everyone!
Drinking champagne like a classy lady.

My girlfriend however spent her last minutes playing Neopets after getting a craving for it for the first time in god knows how long.

Greatest beginning to a year ever :V


Party Cat
Drunk texting my bff back about where exactly she ended up in the city. I was promptly interrupted as my text was sending by my bf who unlike me realized it was midnight & he gave me a big old smooch.


He's like, this guy, you know?
Got ready for a slobbery, whiskey-tasting kiss from my girlfriend (well, I was the sloppy, whiskey-tainted one), and asked if Dick Clark was really that creepy looking or if I was just really slammed (spoiler: it was both). Three hours later I puked out the passenger door of my own car. Good times.


It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
Posting on these forums as it turned out.


Many-Worlds Interpretation!
I, um... I...

I was saving Shaundi from STAG.

I didn't see the, er, clock until 22 minutes afterward.

It was very important.


Many-Worlds Interpretation!
Bonnie Tyler has that effect when played around high explosives and wire guided missiles.

You wouldn't think so, at first—but I guess we all need heroes.