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I do agree this might be a knock off of something, but I just downloaded it if anyone wants to play. I'll give anything a try atleast once. Oh ho ho *punched*


pissy esoteric
Odin Sphere was a sidescrolling RPG. :|

And it's TWODEE for that matter.


Procrastination is cool~*
oh gawd...someone stop them before they reopen that gate again... the gate of groups that shouldnt make mmo's
kinda like nexon... in any case I play occasionally. I'm almost given up on this game, because once again I'm playing something that is a total grindfest :\

EDIT: Okay now I'm officially bored with this game. So I'm going to do a challenge to try and make this a little more fun. Since I actually like killing monsters endlessly and grinding just to see my numbers go up, I'm not going to gain any skills and play vanilla, with the emphisis on vanilla. So no equips no weapons, just bear handed without armor.
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Verin Asper

The Smart Idiot
meh, I still play it...just a lil bit, too busy with Rumble Fighter though >.>


Procrastination is cool~*
meh, I still play it...just a lil bit, too busy with Rumble Fighter though >.>
Rumble fighters gets my record of shortest MMO-anything before getting bored. You're looking at a guy that stuck with Gunbound for 2 years and Maple Story for 6 months.