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I've realized that I never made an introduction post!

I really meant to, really!

Anyway, forget the negatives you've learned about me, and pretend I just got here!

Or, tell me I'm great! I know you'll be embellishing!


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Hello Furry Folk!

I decided to check out these forums, since the Alberta Furry Forums are pretty dead!

Hoping to meet, and interact with many of you, check out new arts, and see what's on your wild minds!

Looking for fursuiting, charity, and furry events going on around Calgary, my town!

I'll see all you animals around soon!


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

Don't know about charity events near you, but Genesisw's Gaming for Kitties steam is coming up in October and it supports Big Cat Rescue. :)


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Hello again!

Also your pfp is very cute :3