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Lea Tigris Art Dump


Reluctant Conversationalist


Woof? Woof
Awww, who's the best tigress? =w=


Reluctant Conversationalist
Personally your line work caught my attention, its not focused and uses a lot of the same cloned thickness and shapes leaving it dry like arizona with no variation. I feel if you aimed at making things more line diverse, flawed and alien then basing it off simple design you may have something grand here. Id like to see textures, different fur detailing and styles mature on things like this over time.

You have something, but it's lacking even with the energy it has. Id bet a lot of ivory or seaglass once you start focusing on anatomy, toned detailing and such you'd be a riot good digital artist.

PS. I swear I saw that version of Nick somewhere before, it hits a lot of bells and neurons firing. Its strange, abstract but kind of good if not for its scary proportions.

I kinda see what you mean now, yea!
Especially with my latest stuff.
Like I want to have thinner and thinner lines because I feel it looks better rather then really thick lineart, but as you say, with the line work all one thickness throughout, it is kinda bland when I could be using different line thicknesses to be bringout more details and so on. :)

Thank you for the critique, I appreciate it!


Reluctant Conversationalist
Digging this art.
Oh my gosh I am loving this deer! Beautiful!
And hello by the way xD I’m just randomly stalking through the forums and just wanted to say that your line improvement and the way your style is flowing is very very nice to watch! Love love love ^-^

Thank you so much guys!!