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Leaky Cave Transformation Comic Commissions


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Leaky Cave is known for its mystery, no one who enters comes out...or do they?

Dare to take a short 3 panel ride through this cave? only $30/$10 per panel for a sketched and colored adventure through this cave (may be more for more then 1 passenger)

email me at decadent.delightful@gmail.com. must be 18+ to commission me even for sfw comic.

Leaky cave is home to some mysterious liquids including;

Beauty Tiger: This goo turns you into the beautiful pink tiger boy of your dreams! effeminate yet oh so masculine where it counts (those muscles) (EXM: nsfw LINK)

Cow Bell: Oh, you become quite the mess with this one. some sort of weird fusion of your former self and a cow...always including an udder.

DECADENT GOLD: ready to embrace your hubris and indulge in your inner hedonistic desires? you come out bold, glamorized and and fat with greed and gluttony, among other things. decadence to its extreme.

Rubber: you become a latex...rubber...thing. eyes always pulsing with colors and decked with various latex rubbery bdsm apparel to go with your latex rubber body (EXM: LINK)

Punky Lizard: This goo turns you into the punky lizard girl of your dreams! masculine yet oh so feminine where it counts (those gorgeous hips and makeup)


The finished product may be reposted with proper credit to the buyer's gallery ONLY AFTER I have approved so, there is a chance you could get denied based on the contents of your gallery. you will most likely be approved. (unless gallery of user has AB, Scat, or any pedophilic content. in that case request will be declined for purchase)

Have to be +18 to purchase