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The Hawtness
OK... So here's me swallowing my pride and announcing that my place of employment has decided to give me the axe after 2 years of employment and the last 5 months being front line "essential personnel" in which I was one of two employees in our location and working my hiney off between 60 and 70 hour work weeks to keep things afloat. My thank you? They closed our location (one of 20) and kicked me to the curb with a "Thank you for your service, you'll get an excellent recommendation!". Great, Thanks, except for the fact that their excellent recommendation isn't going to feed my kids, disabled hubby, and real life horses.

That said, I'm selling the heck out of everything I can - up to and including art and commissions. I have a few NSFW YCH commissions currently running and I will be creating adoptables and posting them on the regular along with other YCH situations. I am taking out right commissions. My prices are posted on my page, but I'll include them here too;

- Sketch: $10
- Finished Lines: $20 - $40
- Full Color: $60 - $100
- Full Colored and Laminated Conbadges: $45+shipping
- Written work: $100 per 1000 words