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Lenago art posts


Top hatted fox
Hi hi, finally done making references for my main trio, hopefully i can get around on posting more artwork and comics about them here, for now ill post their references:





Top hatted fox
Showing off another character:

Marina Wolf, a female wolf and Haroldo's crush.
Head strong and kind,she is often seen coaching the kids of the Kingdom in sports and other activities such as music and painting...
Despite her wide range of skills, her true passion is cooking, unfortunately for her (or in this case eveyone else) her recipies and cooking skills often get those who try them a ticket to the hospital...



Blue Frog
Here is a art i made for the holidays a few years back, this is one of my favories and i was very happy on how it turned out

I'd say in this particular illustration they're fully embracing their Christmas-ornament-ish aesthetics :p