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Lenovo Idea pad 320 Help!


I am in panic mode right now. I left my laptop(in its protective case) in the car while we were attending the parade this morning. It really wasn't that hot but now the flicking thing won't turn on! I really hope it's just my charger and not the actual laptop. Today was supposed to be a fun day at the Fair but now I feel like I am going to give myself a heart attack.

Update; I did a hard start. The screen came on for a few seconds. Now it's off again and the charger light is orange and blinking. It is a Lenovo idea pad 320. Does anyone know if this is a battery issue or a charger issue? I am trying to figure this out before bringing it in so I can hopefully save money


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Do you have a voltmeter? Measuring the battery and the charger's output voltage would be my first port of call.


I would say it probably has to do with the battery. Have you charged it since then or has it had time to cool down? If it's still really hot, it could also just be an over-heating problem. (My old laptop had a broken fan, so I constantly had to keep it levitated or else it would shut off on its own from overheating).


I do not have a voltmeter and I waited until it cooled down before I did the hard boot I have to wait until I get home to take the back off to get the battery out to see if I can use it with just the charger. I do personally think it's the battery because the charge was running out really fast the day before yesterday


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I've had cell phones who's batteries would expand and kick the bucket in the heat. Finding a friend with a voltmeter (or using this as an excuse to buy yourself one ;) ) to see if the battery is putting out what the sticker says is a great idea. If that's it then it's just an

I don't think the charger would meet a molten death in a hot car bc chargers get pretty hot on their own.

And don't panic- the nuclear solution is just to put your hard drive into a new machine, then everything should be as you left it.