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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Lepherclaw Adoptions - Open!

Say hello to the Lepherclaw!
This is a species still in progress, not many has surfaced yet. Here's the rundown:
The lepherclaw is a fairly small, probably dog sized creature that resembles a weasel, wallaby, and a caracal. They have a fairly long and muscular tail that they use in ways similar to the wallaby that comes to a pointed spade. The spade is made of Two plate-like bones and can vary in color. Some Lepherclaws can have a tail tuft, a large plume of fur that protrudes from between the spade bones.
The Lepherclaw is a polydactyl, it has an extra toe on the hind legs.
The fur is thickest around the neck, cheeks, and scruff, much like a mane. They also have long tufts on the ears that come down the back of each ear and into the mane.
Their hind legs are rather large and muscular like the tail and their front legs tend to be shorter, so, when on all fours, they hop around instead of trotting or walking.

The species started off around 2015, here are the old lines

Here we are now, 3 years later and fully improved. I've been wanting to start up my adoptions again in hopes they kick off. Here's the new lines:

Now, down to business...

Pricing is as listed, most will be held at $15 USD.
COMMENT on my post if you're interested!!!

Rules over the Lepherclaw:
This species is COPYRIGHTED to me.
If you want your own Lepherclaw, I will be hosting many adopts and customs.
If you want to create your own Lepherclaw, you MUST purchase lineart from me.
If you purchase lineart in hopes to sell adopts, you MUST link to my account. (they are currently not for sale)
You CANNOT remove my signature from ANY art purchased of a Lepherclaw.
If you have purchased a Lepherclaw, you cannot resell for more than you purchased it for. (This has one exception: it is being sold with more art than just mine)
I.E. someone purchases an adopt for $10. they get more commissioned art of the adopted character. They sell the character for $20 because of the amount of artwork said character has.

Hell, my art is cheap, it's not that hard to get a Lepherclaw of your own, please do not steal.

After purchase you can:
-Ask me to edit ANYTHING (including colors, minor design features, tail tuft, gender, etc.) or add accessories, name, bio, etc.
-Claim the character as your own
-Get more art of character
-Sell character (Not for more than purchased price)
-Use character as your fursona/suit
-Use character in stories, artwork, comics, games, posts etc. with a link to my account or my usernames: happythorn07, or zephyricle
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