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Good morning buns~
My art has picked up a bit more, as in I'm at least sketching every other day or working on something. I'd like to push on and get out there?

What I'm offering:
Busts: This is up to my discretion if it'll stay as a sketch or if I'll pursue and full on color it.

Things I Enjoy Drawing
  • Rabbits
  • Elves
  • Vampires
  • Foxes
But please do not let my prefs old you back, I gotta improve somehow!

Time Frame

As I work a 35 hr/wk job these will be done in my free time; be it after work or on a day off. There is no ETA of completion time, but don't hesitate to bump me for an update!

I've attached my recent works, and you can find more on my FA. Any questions please ask me!
Stay safe~


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First, I have to say that your art is very lovely! Also very cool that you're doing this even if for practice. If interested and if possible, could you maybe do something for my oc Kira? Thank you again for doing this for everyone here and I can't wait to see more of your future work and see your improvements from practising.


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I would absolutely love it if you drew Nora! Your art is very cute!

She's a vampire bat if that counts, haha.
If you choose to draw her, I would love it if you added tiny, white pupils inside her empty eye sockets for a super spooky effect! Thanks for considering!



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If you'd be willing to draw anything of my character, I'd be very appreciative of that!
Unforunately, the only art I have of said character is NSFW. I deeply apologize if that's unacceptable.