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Let me force un-faves


Hickory Daiquiri, MD
I have people faving things two seconds after I hit the "Submit" button. No one does that unless they're counting on the faved person's curiousity to say "Gosh, I wonder who this person is that faved my submission". These people want to pad their page view count because that's an important part of life, or are using the "Favorites" system to self-promote their art or music or woodcarving business. If I were on the staff of an ad-supported site, I'd be concerned about people circumventing having to take out ads for their page.

The other thing is, I'm kind of a stickler for people faving the submissions on the page of the artist that actually made what it is I'm submitting to my page. I even put it in the description, "Don't fave this one, fave the artist's submission".

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Submit to the blue.
Nobody's forcing you to visit their page. They're literally giving you more faves for free. Why would you deny them that, regardless of intent? Being a viewer on FA already blows enough. Let's not have it suck anymore.

Frostbyte The Shark

Or maybe they see it and actually like what you submitted? I do that on DeviantArt. I don't actually use FA, other than the forums though, so I don't know how that all works.
I think it's really unfair when people just do it for pageviews. But personally I just adore looking at art and will sit on the front page for hours just enjoying and favouriting all types of art from all skill levels. Some I get to within seconds of them being posted. Sometimes while scrolling my thumb will register a tap instead of a swipe and favourite something before I'm done looking at it, making it seem very quick, but it's just because I'm on a laggy tablet.

I think if they offered this kind of thing people would make too many assumptions as to why someone is favouriting the work and it would make it all really complicated. In the end the favourite makes no difference to you, if it seems quick or off just don't visit their page ^^

Take care!


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Some people do seem to spam the +fav button.

That said, we also found a Polish bot on Inkbunny a month ago creating fake accounts and +favs just to link to the new account's profile, where they'd inserted a spam link. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they or others were doing the same for FA as well.
This is not something we've encountered yet, thankfully.


Lord of Potatoes
I will fav artwork as soon as I see it for reasons myself. One being that I want to view it or the artist later and Make sure I don't forget it. The other being because Good art can be seen even as a thumbnail. I visit the front page of FA any time I get on, so I'm always going to fav things I like seeing. And I Go back to my favs often to check things out later, too. I have no interest in people looking an my profile for faving something. I never even thought of favs that way when i posted my own work. Just "Ah cool, someone faved my stuff. Glad someone liked it." Ya don't have to check out every person who favs your work.

Whether I saw and liked your work 1 second ago or 5 years ago, I'd be pretty frumpy about my favs being forcibly taken away from me.


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I don't even understand what the issue is here. What's wrong with getting faves?


I've had people faving my stuff within seconds, to me it just shows they like what they see.

Although in fairness a feature to "disable favs" would be good if you wanted to force the user to fav the original artist.


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I've found something on the front page, decided I liked it, and faved it within seconds of it being submitted so many times over the years...

And it's legit. It's not just to increase numbers. I like stuff. I also will generally favorite an item the first place I see it. Sometimes I'll favorite it again when I see it again and I've forgotten I favoritted it.


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There are two ways to handle this:

1) Just Nuke the faves from your notifications (I do this all the time)
2) If they seem to be faving everything to the point it becomes spam, block them.


You don't know that for sure. They may have just seen your art through the front page and liked it.
The front page is basically the only way people find new artists. It's bound to happen.