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Let me practice w your character! & trade maybe?


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Hey ya'll!! I'm recently trying my hand at ~~furry art~~ but am uncreative and am experimenting w styles so who knows what you'll get lmao. Just drop your refs and I'll pick some to do! Not first come first serve, but if you want to do an art trade i'm down ^^

This is an example of an art?? but like i said i have no set style and i'm playing around a lot lmao


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see that avatar on the left there? Challenge issued. The ears are round, like an Otter, but the head is Sergally.


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Here's my gryphon if you're interested! Thanks for the opportunity!


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Hello! Would you be willing to do a drawing of my OC's girlfriend, Alex?

Alex is a wolf with silver-gray fur, standing at about 5'7"-5'8". She has has a voluptuous build, but a little less so than my character. Her breasts are also a little larger than mine. She has long charcoal-gray head fur and vibrant azure-blue eyes. She also has a large, bushy tail and walks with a digitigrade stance. She has a look of quiet, confident beauty.