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Let someone interpret your dreams


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So I always have either nightmares or really cryptic weird dreams about rl.
For an example of the weird cryptic ones here is the one I had last night:

My parents and I went to this house were this lady lived. She had five sons, but two of them were trans guys. My parents and Aunt (who appeared out of nowhere) somehow figured it out and where whispering about it. Then after we left we were suddenly at a picnic, just me and my parents, and we kept having to catch things from blowing away due to this crazy wind that kept blowing. Between eating and catching paper plates from blowing away, I kept trying to come out to my parents as Trans. I was attempting to do so in an around about way cause they are old school and religious. My mom eventually asks if I was trying to say I was a gay? I told them that wasn't exactly it, but before I could explain my grandfather showed up. Which was even weirder because he's been dead for nearly 2 years. And then suddenly we were at my grandparents house and he was giving my mom a whole bunch of expensive new cloths... Then I woke up.


I had a dream the other night that really bothered me. Mainly because it was the type of dream I can have where it usually comes true.
I'm not pulling a Raven Baxter and saying I'm psychic or anything.
But I've had dreams of people and/or places I've never seen or been to - and yet somehow down the line, I eventually experience them.
Whether it's a basic dream about a neighborhood I've never been to (but eventually see soon or several years later), or something a little
more complex like the death of a celebrity/family member/friend/etc. or some sort of other event.

Anyway, this was how the dream went the other night:

It was a very, very realistic dream. The kind of dream where you can't even fathom that it might not be real.
I was in my living room. It was late at night. I was watching TV, which is odd because it's something that I don't normally do anymore.
Our front door was wide open (as it usually is in real life too). Our screen door was locked. For some reason, our yard light wasn't
on. I always make it a habit to turn it on, so in the dream, I walked over toward the light switch. Now, if the yard light isn't on at
night, but the lights in our house are on (even if it's the little light above the stove or from the computer monitor or even the TV),
you can see in from the outside.
As I stood at the door, about to turn on the switch, I felt a presence on the other side of the door. A few feet away on our cement
walkway, I could sense someone there in our yard.
My brother was in his room at the far end of the house. So was my great uncle.
My dogs were in the backyard. I was alone in this section of the house.
I grabbed my phone, but the black-light was too bright - it lit up my face.
Then I heard the voice of a man, "If you won't open [the door] for me, I'll break in." (He said something along the lines of this.)
I didn't recognize his voice.
He had some sort of blunt object. I could hear his footsteps as he got closer to the house...
...and started swinging something at the windows and door.
I slammed the wooden door shut and tried to grab the closest thing near me to use as a weapon.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the shotgun, so I ran for a kitchen knife. My second thought was to wake up my brother and uncle.
I tried to scream, but nothing came out. My heart raced.
I heard the windows cracking and him cursing.
I couldn't breathe. Panic and anxiety kicked in.

Then I woke up.
I really hope that wasn't one of the dreams I typically have been having about alternate realities (I firmly believe in the possibility of other realities).
While I can't remember what the man said for sure, I do remember his voice - it was deep and unfamiliar. I never saw what he looked like,
though. It was pitch black outside and the floodlight in the parking lot across the street wasn't on. Which is odd, because most of the time, it's on.

Let's just hope this dream isn't a vision or a glimpse into an alternate reality.