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Let's brag about our craziest thrift store finds!


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Just found a like-new Wacom for $5, which is PERFECT timing because mine's been on the brink of death for a month now. i don't have $90 to replace mine but at 1/18 the price? i think i can do that. it didn't come with a pen but my old one works with it fine.

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I got some rather nice golf clubs from one once. I still have them and though they are a little big for me I still would use them. Good price for a few clubs to just go hit a few golf balls. I would say I lucked out.


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Most Goodwill stops are not successful, but I have found some great stuff over the years. A pair of jbl l100t, l60t, l26. Also Dalmatian and border collie plush. And just recently I found a pair of 18" cts woofers for $10!


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My mom has gotten about $5,000 worth of purses from thrift stores for about $10-$15 each (4 purses total i think)

I dont understand why purses of all things are so expensive xD
If I ever needed one i'd be the guy to carry around a Wal-Mart bag or something stupid like that...


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Well, my "purse" for a while was a microphone case haha. Then I just got a bigger wallet. But yeah, if I needed a purse, Goodwill certainly is the place.


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I hit them all in my area. Goodwill is just the most common around where I live. There are 4 within an about 20 mile radius! Unfortunately, there's not much else here.


There's a little hidden gem thrift shop in my tiny home town called the Attic Shop. They're only open like 3 days a week, and close very early (at 3pm). They often get overstock from all the old folks around, and have the BEST sales I have ever seen in any thrift store by FAR (and I've been to maaaany).
They were having a 75% off everything in the store. My bf got 2 full 3-piece Nordstrom suits for around $4. I got a 3-leaf table, real wood, shiny top, no scratches or wear for $10. We got a lot more things there, but I need to go back soon. Even without the 75% off sale, their prices still beat every other thrift I've found. And now that I'm in the city, thrifts here are more expensive. Our Goodwill is ridiculous, usually has beat up stuff for like $2 under it's price for a brand new one.