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let's give this a shot


always sleepy
hey all!

i'm new, but i'm hoping to expand my horizons and maybe share my art with you all.

i haven't really done anthro art before, so i'm learning as i go.

that being said, my style tends to lean towards the not so pretty (i just find it more interesting), and i know that isn't really popular ^^'

i love art, and i love learning new styles, so it doesn't really phase me that i'm a bit dark with my work.

so anyway, take a look at my gallery (it's also pretty new) and let me know what you think!

Userpage of preludeincsharp -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

if anyone is interested, i'd love to stream my process (and earrape everyone with my music choices) but i'm not really sure where to go about doing that - like i said, if anyone is interested in that lemme know and i'll try to set it up!

i look forward to chatting with you all



always sleepy
Welcome. It's good to see you're already uploading art, and I look forward to your 1000th birthday party.

i am the oldest in my group of friends so my nickname is generally "old man" haha

i feel like when 1000 rolls around i'll have to do some special art or event

thank you for the welcome :)


always hungry
thank you for the welcome :)

i had a little stalk on your links (i have no idea how to do that) the pandaren you drew with the bloody nose had me laughing for so, so long
haha thanks, it was my funniest commission work
tho I did have to hide it from my parents while working on it lmao


always hungry
oh no! i hope they haven't caught you in the middle of working on anything lewd haha
and dishonor my famiriiii?? hahaha


your fancy formatting made it look like it was separate
it's quite handy when i need to go back and forth through important pages

you can link your art galleries and social media too