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Let's post awesome free/indie games!

Zydrate Junkie

Name and rank soldier!
It's a dollar. And a lot harder than it looks.
You got that right, one of my friends was doing quite well on the impossible game, until the teacher took his Iphone.
Also, there is a flash game of Doom on the internet but the only bad point is that there is no music, another game is *cough*line rider*cough*


Me beautiful barnet!
Streets of Rage Remake - FREE
Somebody else already mentioned this, but now version 5, the final version, has been released. It's a side-scrolling brawler with multiple paths and endings, and it is awesome.


Super Smash Land
Basically, it's a Smash Bros. demake (imagine the original Game Boy in terms of everything).

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I Am That Is

I am not a
Soon I'll ad my little project to this list, but until its finished, I'll just waste time playing these XD

Making with Unity3D if anyone knows what that is.

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I hate these retro style games because they're starting to get unoriginal and ruining the novelty of simpler times, but this one is amazing. It feels almost like Ninja Gaiden Merged with Megaman on the Game Gear. Feels like it was made for gamers rather than to spite and lament new games. Hard, but not annoying. It can be done in a few days with moderate persistence.

Great stuff!


I don't think I saw anyone mention the Humble Indie Bundle. A bunch of great games, often with the soundtracks, and you set the price! It's really a great deal, and helps support indie developers and charities. The most recent one just ended, unfortunately, but new ones pop up every couple of months.

Shoot First is a real-time Roguelike where you wander through dungeons, blast enemies, 'larval' up your character, and find better guns and equipment. The game's free, but if you donate, you apparently get a version with 2 extra weapons and a new dungeon type.

I love Shoot First! I see someone else mentioned Spelunky, and yet another mentioned Octodad. All good games.


The SkyFox
Xonotic - Free arenaFPS running in the Darkplaces engine
Technic luncher - free mod packs for Minecraft hack/mine being my favorite (requires paid for MineCraft)
DayZ - Zombie Servivle simulator (requires ownership of ArmA2)
not sure of any of those count but I like them

If anyone here even remotely likes Sonic, this is a demo to an upcoming game I've been supporting for a few months now. It'll be pay what you want at it's release. Please, give this a shot. It's the one Sonic fan game that actually tries (and in my opinion vastly succeeds) to be original and fun. It's very well designed. It plays like Sonic mixed with Rocket Knight. It will have multiple characters and most everything is built from the ground with a beautiful painterly appeal to the graphics.
Very very solid piece of gold here.


Biggest buttplug ever

Anyone remember this? I became addicted to this a while back, when it first came out, and this game was pretty popular back after someone posted it on 4chan. I have an account on it but I haven't played it in ages, so I have no idea what's going on with it now.

It's multiplayer, and you play a mouse that must cooperate with other mice to get the cheese (or, troll them so they fail). Several rounds in, and you'll become a shaman mouse who can lay down pieces and anchors to help build platforms so the other mice can get the cheese.... or troll them like a bitch. There's also special techniques you can do like wall jump to climb up walls and stuff.

Edit: I can't even remember my password. :(

Happy Wheels

A somewhat old, gory ragdoll physics game, with lots of carnage and blood. You can play as different characters like a wheelchair homeless guy with jet engines on his wheelchair, a guy on a segway, a guy on a bike with his kid on a seat on the back (I once blew the kid right off with a mine and was showered with his blood), a fat guy on a rascal, a couple on a moped, a guy on a riding mower, Indiana Jones in a minecart, Santa and his slegh, pogo-stick guy. You drive around a level and try not to die.

Here's a recent example of me impaling santa onto a machete:
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Day Coydog

Cute, Pink Eyesore
Techno Kitten Adventure

On XBLA for 240MP
Has awesome music and art, but may cause seizures, so be careful.


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Devil's tuning fork won the IGF Student showcase award in... some year

It's a smart platformer played in complete darkness. You have to use the sonar like "Devil's tuning fork" to escape a coma.

Although short it's a brilliant idea will worth a download...

It's free too.

Sam 007 NL

Taste the fur
Ace of Spades, I'm normally on SoFurry.com

Takeo Wolf

Random Wolf
I don't think this game is indie but it is free: planetside 2
It only recently came out of beta and it was fun in beta


Longetivity is my middle name
I'm surprised no one mentioned SCP Containment Breach. http://www.scpcbgame.com/ This game is frickin terrifying.

I'm also a Planetside 2 fan.....at least, I would be if my crappy computer could play it without lagging at 10 frames per second!


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New free to play browser game I found. It's an MMORTS called Imperium Galactic War.

Look in the header or footer games for Imperium. 3 factions, 9 races total. Even furries (canines, felines, lizards, and some tentacle things)!

Been tons of fun so far. If you've ever played Battle Pirates on Facebook, this is similar but with better everything (graphics, sounds, story, gameplay in general).

I'm playing a Regulan tiger (Tyrannar Empire). :)