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Let's post awesome free/indie games!


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They seem to have reached a certain level of popularity within their own circles, though here are two of my personal favorites:

Ib, by kouri: free
A relatively short, but engaging puzzle horror game made in RPGmaker. The story is very creative and musical selection sets the perfect mood.
site: http://www.vgperson.com/games/ib.htm

Off, by mortis ghost: free
Another puzzle-ish game with turn-based combat elements. The music is excellent and the quirky story elements/art style are probably the game's strongest qualities.
site: http://forum.starmen.net/forum/Fan/Games/OFF-by-Mortis-Ghost


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Here is two you can play for free now to bust the boredom both are PG and non violent. (So anyone can play.)

Name: Boson X
Price: Free
Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac can get this.

Description: It's hard to explain but the game is to try to survive the longest time, and the further you go the faster you go.
There is levels to unlock and different modes it's very fun.


Where to get: http://www.boson-x.com/

Name: Nitronic Rush
Price: Free
Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Description: Basic racing survival game you can fly, wall ride, compete for high scores you know the usual.


Where to get: http://nitronic-rush.com/download-game/



The most awesome series ever. Especially Infinity, if you can keep up with the story. You have to start with the first though, or you won't know whats going on. Plus Aleph One (the engine) is scriptable and there are tons of hi-res graphics available. Even has multiplayer.


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Clicker Heroes (Steam, clickerheroes.com)
Do you need a game where you kill monsters by clicking them, and then eventually never have to click a monster again to progress through the 3600 levels that have achievements associated with them as well as others. Of course you do.


Has anyone mentioned Yooka-Laylee, A Hat in Time, Lobodestroyo vs. la Liga de los Villanos, and Clive n Wrench? I'm so lookin' forward to those!


Hello, Proto

I use this website a lot.
It collects and distributes copies of abandonware games.

It's how I got to play the Jazz Jackrabbit series for the first time, which is a great side-scrolling action/shooter/platformer.

Be sure to have DOSBox handy, since most games are from the DOS era.