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Let's post awesome free/indie games!


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I'd recommend OneShot. It's an adventure game about making irreversible choices and the dilemma of whether to save a world or not. The message is clearer in the original freeware version, where you are warned not to close the game while playing. If you ignore it, the next time you open up the game, it plays out somewhat like what happens in Undertale's Genocide ending. The remake expands on the story and the gameplay, and is much more lenient on the player. You can find the original here and the paid remake here.
Hi folks!
I'm not sure if this is supposed to go here (and I do see that this topic wasn't used in years) but I think it fits in here best.
My team and me working on a hentai game called "Deathblight RPG- Operation Thunderfang" and we just released beta2 of it.
Mind you, it's a hentai game (which means NSFW stuff is in there) with demons and kemonomimi girls, but we would be happy if you'll give it a try^^

Beta1 (free): wolfenstahl.blogspot.com: Projekt Wolfenstahl: Deathblight RPG Update: Beta 1 Public Version

Beta2 (Patreon): https://www.patreon.com/posts/deathblight-rpg-29214602


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I don't know if someone has posted this for not already, but SCP: Containment Breach is one of my favorites. If you're up for a good scare and enjoy sci-fi elements, I'd highly recommend it!


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Mother Russia Bleeds
Hotline Miami
Super Hexagon




Neon Chrome - A top-down, roguelike, twin stick, shooter about stopping the overseer of a cyberpunk arcology. I like the art style, it's decently challenging, and it gets super satisfying once you have the ability to give your asset a heavy rifle and start stomping entire levels.

store.steampowered.com: Save 60% on Neon Chrome on Steam <-- Here, and it's on Xbox Game Pass as well.


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Airships: Conquer the Skies - store.steampowered.com: Airships: Conquer the Skies on Steam
It's about designing steampunk airships, tanks and fortifications and then taking on the enemy in a somewhat simple strategy setting. It was loads of fun trying to invent ships with particular traits! There are a lot of trade-offs to consider.

Factorio - store.steampowered.com: Factorio on Steam
This game is all about automation, scaling and logistics! You are stuck in an alien planet, and you need build a rocket to facilitate your escape. You design the production and logistics networks that help you turn simpler stuff into more complex products, eventually netting what you need for the rocket. You automate more and more, eventually you even have robots that expand the factory for you! I also thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, overall a game I'm very fond of.

Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal - store.steampowered.com: Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal on Steam
It's a strategy/tower-defense game where you have to fight off a grey goo thing. It's not too complicated, but definitely well designed. It can be very interesting to try to figure out how to beat the levels in optimal time, besides the story is actually quite decent. Definitely recommend it!


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End Roll. It’s an rpg maker game about Russell Seager, a teenager who receives an experimental treatment. You go through seven days of his dreams. It has a ton of sidequests to do. It is a very dark and pessimistic game though, so it’s best if you’re at least eighteen years old to play.

Farethere City is an earlier game by the same creator. It’s like End Roll, but with no combat and a story that isn’t depressingly dark. It’s about this guy named Pigula who looks like Plankton and wants to open up a shop of his own.


Yume Nikki (the original) and all of the Deep-Sea Prisoner games (Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is the one I started with) if you're okay with things that are a bit... unsettling.


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Nova Drift
It's a Bullet Hell game where you control a spaceship and fight off endless hordes of enemies. As you progress, you gain levels and get to choose in which direction you upgrade your ship.
It has really tight mechanics, and there are loads of combos and upgrade-paths to go with, lots of room for experimentation and optimization, and it's not just that you have many options, but also that so many of them are in fact viable. Don't let the fact that it's in 'early access' dissuade you, it's as good as a finished product by now.
Here's the trailer:



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Inside is one of my favorite games. It's not free (I think it's a one-time $3.99 purchase on the app store), but it's an action/horror platformer with a lot of puzzles. The plot is kind of up to interpretation: there's no lore explanation and a lot of people chalk it up to symbolism. The atmosphere is chilling, the gameplay is super simple, everything about it is just an extremely interesting experience. It's from the same people who made LIMBO if anyone is familiar with that game
The link to purchase it on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/304430/INSIDE/

Another one that I've enjoyed is Oxenfree. It's a supernatural thriller. You have to explore a military island's cryptic past after an overnight party-gone-wrong, and it has multiple endings depending on which course of action you decide to take as you solve the mystery. I played it on my phone but you can also play it on PS4, Linux, Windows, and Xbox
The link to the website, where you can purchase it for different platforms: https://nightschoolstudio.com/oxenfree/


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I came across a game on Steam which is currently a free demo. Star Shift. It has a storyline which i'm currently progressing through. Top down space battles, side scolling dungeons and (I can't stress this enough) kick ass techno music.
They have a Discord server to keep up to date on too. It's awesome that I found it and plugged 4 hours into it on my first run.


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ONLY for those who are looking for an ADULT furry game!!
A super sonic like hack and slay sex platformer is in development:

You can check the free demo, which is overwhelmingly good, even though it's in an early stage of the working progress.
They are working constantly hard at it, and more is about to come <3
Have fun my friends