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let's start an argument


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And if that’s the case.



Haters Gonna Hate
And I bet you like stepping in poop and giving it a bath when it rolls in something smelly!
Jokes on you, my Chihuahua is so well potty trained he can poop on a sticky note and not miss! And he hates going outside and is super easy to bathe BECAUSE HE LOVES IT MUWAHAHAHAH


The lazy fox... what else?
And put some clothes on too. Nothing screams lowlife like a Snorlax in underwear.
have you heard of icons at all, you freaking human animal? you try so hard to be a black dragon, when really, whites get the fame too. fucking red-headed idiot.
Does anyone know when those ~1500 Mexican kids are going to go on sale? I lost my slave supply after Ireland repealed the 8th, and scub isn't going to package itself.
The world may never know.
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Darn tootin'
Have you heard of a thing called humor? You lowlife peasants may be filth but you at least should grasp the concept of a joke.
Humor? If that's humor then I am a donkey. :V