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Let's talk about Depression and Technology


Hello my fellow furries, today i been thinkng about an issue that i've seen it has been present for the last 3 years, probably more, now first and foremost i'm a internet person, i'm into the internet whenever i have a pc on front of me and i've seen on Facebook, in some forums and webpages that people are actually feel depressed... Now i'm the first one to recognize that this times are hard, i'm maybe the 1% of the population who feels that despite all improvements in technology and science the problems are not easy to resolve but adapt to our times, what i do feel it changes is that people behave according to this era, the technological era so maybe this could be a factor.

Let me explain what i think about this technological era and how it has been a influence with today's depression:

I think that with the power of the internet and have access to the life and opinion of the whole world you may feel more suceptible to feel either praised or rejected, nowdays with the power of the information is more easy to bully someone, or ruin his/her life, the internet has lead people to fame but others to decadence, of course the people who want to leave their immortal print in the internet wants to be reconized, is part of our nature the need to be listened, indifference is a great weapon for trolls but a huge problem for those who wants to shine in the internet.

Technology makes us depressed?
Not necesary, technology is improving our lifes regardless the feeling we get. Bur what i personally think is that technology has making us rather more vulnerable to feel eaither extremly happy or extremly sad and unfortunately it happens the last one. I have a theory: yes i think it can possibly be true that technology has improved our feelings and maybe to be happy we need a lot of requirements and to be sad we need just few, usually failure and rejection. But What you think? Leave me your comment below, if you think i'm wrong feel free to put your educated arguments and your point of view, thank you for reading and i hope your day goes well.


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I think social media provides us with a quick dopamine fix and fulfills certain social needs - and I think we can become dependent on that as if it were any other drug. I think it can create a an emotional void in some people when they are forced to step away from the screen. There's a really good thoughty2 video on this, actually.


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In most of the western world, expectations on eg teenagers (school curricula are easier to compare over time than vague "workplace expectation" factors) have steadily risen, without their support systems necessarily growing at the same pace. This coming school year, basic programming is being added to the math curriculum for Swedish high school students. To my knowledge nothing is being removed to make room - teachers and students are just expected to make room for more learning in the same amount of time. Already the maths being taught are more difficult than the corresponding courses when I was in high school. There is also a veritable epidemic of mild to moderate spinal injury/deformity in children and teenagers as we load their book bags up with more and more books.

Careers are increasingly being tied to academia. The programs for training librarians used to encompass a fair amount of practical courses; in a single semester I've already been assigned two written assignments where I'm expected to produce content to academic writing standards (not all-out academic papers, but the formalia is much the same). If in order to do a non-academic job, you need to produce academic writing and research, we're pushing people who may have the social components of the profession down pat, to do something they may not be suited to, and let that determine their future in the field.

In general, I think we're increasingly pressured to cram more "content" into our hours than before, while having easier access to all the world's ills. Most people are not equipped to function at maximum capacity throughout our waking hours, but society sends us the message that this is what is expected of us. So it... ties into the concept of stress, but stress isn't the whole story. We can handle stress (barring prior damage - I'm highly stress sensitive in a way I didn't use to be because I burned my candle at both ends for too long) as long as we get downtime to decompress and get away from the source of it.

(Also, as a sidenote, "depression" and "feeling sad" are not necessarily strongly related. I've got moderate to severe clinical depression and most of the time I don't feel sad, I just... don't enjoy things. Which doesn't sound so bad until you've gone a few days trying to find something, anything, that feels more rewarding than "oh, it passes the time, I guess".)


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I think its like junkfood. Frankly technology can do a lot of good depending on how you use it. the social interactions can open up doors in real life scenarios (beneficial) or it can cause you to be a shut in (non beneficial) for every single action of harm there is an example of great benefit. Where it falls down to is the individual in question.
I.E a lot of this is a personal and complex problem as there's so many variables it's hard to make a verdict.

So yeah its a magic 8 ball moment here.


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I mean it is depressing to meet all these like minded people online, develop a bond with them whether it's friends or more... then never have the opportunity to meet and further that bond in rl...

I can see why people would feel lonely after a long time of this happening.


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As a learning tool, the internet is very useful and the technology to run it has come a very long way. The internet can be awe inspiring and opens doors to new worlds.

On a social level though, it’s a nightmare. Especially for teenagers. It has brought bulling into the home instead of being left at school. It’s no longer just school bullies that continue to bully via the internet, but groups from other counties, cultures and fandoms - strangers teaming up with strangers to attack the innocent.
Suicide due to bullying has increased in the last 15 years.

The internet is the digital worlds of heaven and hell. Which door you open is anyone’s guess.


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Indeed, every individual in this world take their own way. The worst thing when people exist only in the digital world, it's really sad.