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Let's talk about something.

Rosie Paws

I am having a hard time fathoming the fact that this community is so hated. Most everyone in the furry fandom is generally so much more accepting than most people in any other fandom. It's quite sad people go out of their way to hate on someone for enjoying something as small as this.. Why do you think that is?

It’s because it’s something different, a common response to anything new is fear; some of which cope by hate, so it’s not just something the fandom experiences.

But sometimes people are just plain douchebags >_>


Some weird teen on the web that likes cartoons
Because a lot of people believe the fandom is a kink or club of zoophiles due to the loud minorities that act crazy and give the fandom a bad image. Most times someone says they hate furries, upon being asked they typically reply that we're "degenerates that like to fuck dogs"


Furry from the discount section
The issue is with the presentation of furries to the public. The fursuiting thing is strange yet benign on it's own, but it's coupled with stereotypes like bestiality, pedophilia, social dysfunction, and unhygienic habits. While these do happen on occasion within the fandom, absurd acts and obsessions are actually a small but common issue in many fandoms, especially those with primarily young adults where the theme focuses on character creation or development of existing characters.

While I would say that using chemical weapons (yes, that actually happened) or any other kind of aggression against furries is indefensible along with it's advocates, average Joe who is afraid of and wary of furries is reasonably so, given that everything he is presented outside the fandom are extreme examples that he has no way of disproving until he, expecting full regret, peeks in. This image isn't helped when there is constant bomb-throwing by trolls who are quick to point at any oddball in the crowd.

With all of the negative explanation out of the way, I'm confident in saying that the image has actually improved over the years. The internet is no longer the wild west that it was, and is quicker to embrace the oddities that surround it.



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I've found that I've had hardly any negative reactions, in my own life, and mostly, people have been more curious, than anything. I tend to think a lot of furries worry too much about what others think, and things that are beyond your control.

Lead a good life, set good examples, be a decent person, have fun, and don't let what others think get you down.

Also, on that note:

Joan Jett, addressing her "Bad Reputation' in song (who went to Jr. High/High School in Montgomery County, Maryland : ))