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Let's write a story - 4 words (or less!) per post!


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But then suddenly, Captain


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----- RECAP -----

Once upon a time, in a world where darkness reigned, two intrepid furry aliens decided to escape the planet. Their spaceship flew to Mars to find a desolate wasteland where one lone fruit tree held the key to a very very big breakthrough in technology.

The Great Llama Temple had a fruit activated mechanism, the only one around. Destruction of the big temple was impossible. However, infiltration was Simple, with careful precision. So, the two aliens made some very tasty fruit cupcakes, which contained pure, filtered and processed Great Llama Temple fruits And from the top Of the smelly Temple The aliens took the map of Mars’ surface and charted their course towards a very large lake of bubbling, molten neon purple goo on the other side of a dangerous pit.

The pit exploded in a Skunky vapor, skyrocketing the aliens into the void. How will they return?! And who will be the first to discover Their delicious fruit cupcakes?

Next, the aliens decided to go towards a portal out in Betelgeuse city, while eating a fruit cupcake. All of which had star sprinkles. But then suddenly, Captain McCaptainface of the starship stole their fruit cupcakes and ate them. "Foolish fools! I will prevent you from making cupcakes or else the chef will cook your fruit into bombs! make sure not to accidentally detonate bombs prematurely, like Kira Yoshikage, using Killer Queen. let's bite the dust! Are you ready to Shine bright tonight?”

The captain took them To the cove of sparkly donuts filled with jam and explained his plan to take over the whole forum by Doughnut-powered Snark Engine!

----- ----- -----

Meanwhile, on a nearby
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