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Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
"Hey, what kind of story you want to write?" the Old Warhorse asked, looking up from his compact typewriter. He took a long drag from his Собрание White Russian cigarette and set it in the ashtray. "You want to do intrigue? Spy versus spy stuff? Nobody gets bored with a good spy story."

The anthro veteran of the Crimean Eugenics War pulled open the bottom drawer of his desk and produced a bottle of Столичная, two small tumblers and a loaf of locally baked rough bread. Using the loaf to indicate for Austin Silver to sit, he poured two generous glasses of that room temperature grain liquor and broke off several pieces of bread before he spoke again.

"I haven't done much since the Wars. Fighting those that felt anthros had no place in this world left me bitter. We were like them once, in the before time. They caused us to exist, you know. An augmented soldier, indeed."

Kellan picked up his glass and touched Austin's, then smiled as the newcomer slammed down that glass of fire. The Equine pushed the plate of bread to the one that might be a new writing partner and finished his own glass, smiling afterward. "Augmented soldier, indeed. The humans didn't see it coming. They had no idea we would fight back, did they?"


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