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Hey y'all. It's been a while since I've been on the RP scene, but I'm looking to get back into it with a one-on-one RP or two. I'm not super active on these forums, and would prefer to RP over Discord. It's also best to DM me here and if we have similar wants then we can move it over to discord.

Details about the character I plan to use are at the bottom. If he wouldn't appeal to your character than I'm not really interested in an RP lol

  • I'm 18+ and would prefer a partner who is as well. I don't shy away from mature themes and would rather have a partner willing and capable to go along with this as well.
  • My character is an anthro gay male*, therefore, if you want romance (which I'm fine with and tend to enjoy), then your character would need to be a bi/gay/pan/etc male.
  • I'm most comfortable somewhere between 2-5 paragraphs, and I'm not willing to do a chat-style RP right now.
I do prefer for romance to be an aspect in the RP but I don't need it to be everything. I'm not super picky when it comes to ideas; I just need something that sparks a little interest.
  1. A sort of soft post-apocalyptic setting. The Gods (a duo of them) got tired of the world being ruined and essentially sterilized all peoples. That was ~20 years ago, and our two characters are part of the Lastborn generation. For whatever reason, the Gods decide to give it another go, and choose our two characters to essentially be fertile again. When the High Priest learns of this and tells the King/Queen, they would have it out for kidnapping our characters and using them for personal use. (This setting would require you be okay with mature themes as well as mpreg.)
  2. Another setting where the land is dominated by nomadic clans, constantly warring one another for territory and resources. My character is with a clan only for protection. Your character can be whatever you want. A newcomer to the clan, the leader of another clan that takes my character during a raid, a captured prisoner of my character's clan, etc.
  3. ABO setting. My character would definitely be an omega. Don't really have any ideas here but I'm willing to come up with some!
  4. idk anything else.

*My character:
Shale is a gay male of an original species of mine, roughly early twenties in age. I'll share art of him of course if you're interested in RPing with me. He's vaguely like a borzoi/bobcat mix but not necessarily canine or feline. He's tall and lean with short gray fur. His feral form (optional) is roughly wolf-sized.

He spooks easily and is rather quiet and reserved. It's rather hard for him to form trusting relationships with people, but ultimately what he wants is just a stable, happy life. He doesn't want to get sucked up into any drama but trouble somehow always manages to find him.

Thank you!