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LF certain types of characters - Semi-real (closed)


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Greetings all! Been looking for some inspo lately and my creative drive needs a kick-start.

I'm looking for the following types of fursonas:


Neon colors are okay, but would prefer more natural/muted color schemes.

If you'd (potentially) like some free art - Please post with the following info below!

Fursona type/ref:

Pose desired - (please be specific, not really looking to come up with poses at the moment.)

Outfit: (Nude is accepted, but naughty bits won't be shown.)


All pieces will be either waist ups or busts! I'll likely pick 2-3 people.

Will be closing this sometime soon/tonight, can't wait to see what you send me! c:

(Art for those interested)



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A dragon/snake hybrid would work?


Pose: Standind, showing her side, looking at the viewer, showing her side, while she holds her tail.

Outfit: A sports bra and either a loincloth or a short gown.

Mood: Playful.

Does it work ?
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Its a shame you're not looking for canines. Your art rocks!


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Are ferals okay?

Ref: www.furaffinity.net: Jarren Reference Sheet by Jarren_Ironclaw

Pose: lying down, pensively investigating a globe/map upon which rests one of his claws.

Outfit: none. Maybe a compass or crystal pedant.

Mood: somber/grave

Thanks for the opportunity. You have some truly amazing art here.
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Also, do you have an FA page where we can watch you?


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Fursona type/ref: Aspen on Toyhouse He's a lion.

Pose desired - How about he seems to be sitting down in deep thought? Or nervously scratching the back of his head?

Outfit: Shown in his ref.

Mood: Thoughtful or nervous.


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Well, heck, I would ask to draw my new mech dragon character, but I have no reference for him :/
I suppose Razeth will do!

Fursona type/ref: Dragon (Reference attached)

Pose: Could have his mouth slightly open, a bit like the reference with a happy expression, almost looking down at the viewer?

Outfit: None, just scales

Mood: Mischievous, somewhat like my icon.


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I have a Snek!

A pose similar to my current profile pic perhaps, with a quirky smile. Just the scales would do ;)
And may I say that your artworks are amazing? :D


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@Tlacamela @FoxyForest @Vogul @Scales42 @Sunburst_Odell

Thank you all for your submissions and kind words! <3


Thank you! You can find my fA here - Really love the character and prompt you've given me, you can definitely expect some art. <3


Thank you! Also really liking the prompt - Will try and draw your character as well!

Closing the thread for now, thanks again all! B)


You can't just quote yourself! -Me

Thank you! You can find my fA here - Really love the character and prompt you've given me, you can definitely expect some art. <3
No, thank *you!*
I look forward to seeing what you can do.