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LF Fursuit Head/Hands/Tail (Husky)


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Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I am currently looking to commission a Toony Fursuit head or Fursuit Feet.

I had commissioned a Realistic head and was looking to have a toony alternative one made. This one will be as close to my reference sheet as possible.***No longer being made

www.furaffinity.net: Max Reference Sheet by Baremen

The feet I am looking for is to go along with my Realistic Head, Tail and Hands that are currently being created.

What type of Head im looking for:
Foam or Resin
(No need for Fan)
Movable Jaw

What type of Feet im looking for:
Overlay shoe (I own/new)
Slim and not stompy
4 or 5 toes
Small Black Claws

My price range for the head is reasonable and I can afford it, just need someone that has the time to work on it. I would prefer not being on a long waiting list.

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I currently have nobody in my queue since my current suit commission is to be delivered at FWA. I have a cute toony style and work rather quickly while still giving quality. The moving jaws on my suits work quite well. As a quick estimate from your reference, a head would be $235 (moving jaw, following eyes).


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Hello! I've got 4 years of experience in making both toony and realistic suits, please visit my website, blueeyedbeasts.webs.com to have a look at our gallery and prices.