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LF Fursuit Makers! + Selling/Trading Partial


One Creepy Puppo
Hello everyone!
I'm looking for a maker who specifies in toony or semi-toony fursuits. I would like to get my fursona made into a partial. I want a head, paws, armsleeves, feet paws, and a tail, but I could settle for just a head, paws, and tail.

I am currently trying to sell or trade my fursuit made by Butterflyback Fursuits. She's a snow leopard partial. She fits any head sizes around 23", she could probably fit a little bigger and smaller. She has a moving jaw and cute fleece nose, paw pads, teeth, and tongue. She comes with paws that should fit most hand sizes, and arm sleeves that fit medium to large arms. She also comes with a tail that's about 5ft long that attaches with belt loops. All her markings are airbrushed!

More photos here: pvppycreep.dropmark.com: Snow Leopard Partial Fursuit For Sale

I'm looking to sell her for $600 to $800 or to trade her for a partial of equal value or a custom partial of my fursona. If she sells, I'll be using that money and more to commission someone for a partial of my sona.

Pup's reference sheet can be found here: sta.sh: Pup's reference sheet

Thank you for the interest!


One Creepy Puppo
Nova is currently pending! She's being sold to someone on instagram. I'm still looking for makers though^^


A Sorta Experienced Fursuit Maker (•̀ᵜ•́)
Cute suit! hope she went to a good home! I have made a couple of suits and im opening for commisions next summer. if your intrested in a spot, contact me on etsy.
heres a example of my current wip photos:
shes not that good, but ill probably improve from now to next summer.
hope you find a maker!:)


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