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LF Long term RP partner-offering free art as well


New Member
Ok so. In short. I would like.
one a long term RP partner.
I am semi-literate 3-10 sentanceses kinda RPer. Plot but with smut so 18+ only please.
Usually prefer to play males and usually prefer malexmale ships.
Used to roleplaying humans but anthro is fine.
Can do, discord or Google docs either is fine
I sketch a lot, by agreeing to RP with me you’d be giving me permission to draw your character with mine.
But beyond that
I am also looking for partners/lovers and ships for https://toyhou.se/7046259.naps-mascot
He is a genderfluid (so male or female) sub mostly, who I wish to “pimp” out I suppose. I’d like characters for a sort of “harem” for him. To draw and commission. By doing this your agreeing to let me use your character with him in my art and commissioned art.
can be SFW or nsfw honestly, can discuss more in detail in private message or comments.
Uhm my FAs are nap_s and DDIsSleepy if you’d like a clue of the kinda content you’d receive (though I’ve only posted base work so far)
Thanks for any consideration!


Question: Can I play female if I'm biologically male? I have male characters, but if this is going to be smut I'd prefer to be someone of the opposite gender.