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LF: Long Term RP Partner on Twitter or Discord [MxM]


Hi! I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner that is open to headcanon, roleplay & chat via Twitter (preferred) or Discord. You must be 18+ (preferably around 20-25), be okay with MxM pairings, and be comfortable with trans male characters.

Most of my fursonas are bugs so I'm willing to create a new sona for our ship if I like the ideas we throw around. It may take me awhile to get a visual reference as I'm not a digital or traditional artist & I'll need to commission someone for it.

If you're interested in my bugs, I have an Elephant Hawk Moth called Fiach who works at a cinema. He's the only one up for shipping at the moment, which is why I'm open to creating more sonas.

As for what I'm looking for:
  • A partner who is literate & can write at least a paragraph.
  • If your first language isn't English, that's fine! By literate I mean no text talk, the odd grammar or spelling mistake doesn't bother me as long as I can understand it.
  • 18+ but preferably 20-25 as I am 21.
  • Someone okay with playing against a trans male fursona.
  • Someone that enjoys worldbuilding, paranormal aspects & domestic stuff (like headcanoning our OCs' kids!).
  • Someone who enjoys OOC chat.