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LF: Long term RP


Center of the galaxy
Hello! My name is Astro and Im a 24 year old non- binary folk looking for a long term roleplay fun.
I've been roleplaying for a couple of years now and finally made it to the semi-lit side! I can write long paragraphs with 5+ lines that include actions, descriptions of the enviroment, and dialogue. I usually write on third person.

I love world developing and talking about characters, as well as choosing a plot before starting anything, so we know where we are standing and where we are going.
Personally I prefer fantasy and medieval roleplays, I have a huge variety of characters, males, females, non-bis, etc, and I can play all sexualities as well since I have no partner preference IRL and within the roleplay. I like when things head towards romance but it is not necesary, same as smut writing, Im ok with it but dont have to go there if you dont want to.

I have a few plot ideas if you feel like listening to them, but if you have some as well feel free to tell me about it!
Also I have a list of kinks and turn off ready if you are looking for some 18+ action.

My Discord is AstroRey#2535 ! HIT ME UUP


RP Enthusiast and Yeen
Sent you a friend request!


Center of the galaxy
Ive been feeling like a Dungeon Master lately... Is someone interested in letting me control the world and make the characters in it go through hell?

Again, SFW and NSFW are ok with me as long as we talk about it first :)


Ya know, I feel like I should stop trying. :)
Hello if you're looking I'm interested!!