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LF Sci-fi 1x1 over Discord or PMs


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Exactly what it says, folks!

I'm mainly interested in themes like galactic bounty hunters or pirates floating around space to have adventures and such. Any species with any kind of power is allowed, but don't exaggerate it and go OP.

No smut or cringy stuff, but no further requirements I believe.

Hmu for my Discord code or if you wanna RP through PMs (I'm barely active on here tho so Discord is recommended)
mysticislands-1.jpg Realmies.png 1197536849.tanekxavier_rauniformsketch.jpg 1197690411.tanekxavier_ramaleuniform.jpg I've created a universe/multiverse over the last couple of decades. I have created an interdimensional agency that polices the multi-verse. Lots of sci-fi, magic, etc., all intertwined. HMU if interested. Included are some drawings I've done (And one that I commissioned to see how well the uniform translates for other artists) If interested, just HMU on Discord.



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