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Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Hello all~ I've gotten a tad bored lately and have decided i want to do a roleplay!

"But what type?" you might be asking. Great question, well I've got a few things.. a sci fi setting for one, fantasy, perhaps more modern. I have tons of characters of different era's so it works out for me, so long as it is sfw though.

"How many people thou-" any small group of people works! Can even be just one person and me.

"And.. where will this take place?" Glad you asked. My open areas are as follows: here, discord and google hangouts. I know i know, no telegram or anything but there are some other good options as well.

"And how can i join?" Just ask below or dm me! And i can provide info to join, specific information will be determined once i have someone with interest.

"And do we have to make up an entire worldbuild..?" No! Well, you can, but i do have some possible places this can take place at.

"How skilled of a roleplayer do i have to be?' Well, so long as you can describe your actions in more than one line it works, if you say one thing that gives me no options to go off of that's just not good rp. Change- 'he sat down'
To: 'he sat down at the table in the furthest corner of the room, careful with moving the wooden chair as to not make a sound.' Something like that is much easier to follow or respond to.

Anyway that is all for now, if you have questions just ask