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LF some artists for artistic freedom character designs! (up to $30 per)

Ama L. Thea

Hello all my artist cuties!

I have a few character concepts bouncing around in my head that are a little too specific for adoptables, so I'm looking for artists to design them for me. I'll probably hire a few artists for this one -- please feel free to spam the thread.

These are SFW artistic liberty/artistic freedom designs -- I give you a prompt and you give me something back! You do not need to update me with WIPs or ask me if XYZ is okay. I'm easy to please and I'd love to see what you do with the prompt!

For each design, I'm willing to spend up to $30. So it doesn't have to be a full ref sheet or anything (unless the price pays for that). A flat-color, one-view image is 100% fine for this.

THE PROMPTS (feral or anthro):
  • Species: Japanese macaque. Gender: Any. Age: Between twelve and twenty. Keyword(s): jade stones.
  • Species: any mammal found in Nigeria. Gender: cismale. Age: Between twelve and twenty. Keyword(s): lightning.
  • Species: any non-feline/non-canid found in India. Gender: cisfemale. Age: Between twelve and twenty. Keyword(s): skull jewelry.
  • Species: Anything aquatic. Gender: Any. Age: Between twelve and twenty. Keyword(s): crippled; fisherman/woman/person.
  • Species: badger. Gender: Any. Age: Any. Keyword(s): warrior; pale reds/blues.
  • Species: white tiger. Gender: Any. Age: Any. Keyword(s): musical.
  • Species: mountain lion. Gender: Any. Age: Any. Keyword(s): water; rain.
  • Species: any, including humans, humanoids and monsters. Gender: any that presents male. Age: Any. Keywords(s): god of agriculture and progress.
  • Species: any, including humans, humanoids and monsters. Gender: any that presents female. Age: Any. Keywords(s): god of artists and builders; very tall/large.
Please post examples and your FA/DA/e-mail/someplace I can contact you besides this forum! I will keep this thread open for about a week and a half before starting to hire people -- so expect to be poked around the New Year if I'm interested. :)
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Ahh! What an awesome opportunity! I'm actually studying character design, so I would be honored if you considered me for one of these! The Nigerian or Indian species prompts sound especially interesting! Though I would be happy with any of these you would bestow upon me if I'm selected! :)
I charge $30 for a flat colored full body drawing! Here are some examples of flat colored work I've done.


Here's my FA in case you want to contact me or you can also contact me at PrismaKittyKreations@gmail.com (I'm usually more responsive to my email because my phone notifies me!).
Thanks for considering me! I hope to work with you in the future!~


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I can offer doing a full body shot for your budget. It'd be similar to the first image below (Except I'd draw clothing/weapons/accessoires too if you'd like that for the character designs!)
Simple shading is optional and doesn't cost anything.


Some other design commissions I did recently:



For more examples my FA Gallery can help: Userpage of yarik -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you're interested you can contact me there or write an e-mail to 1992rafaelmartin@gmail.com I'd really like to do one (or more?) of your design promots so I'd be happy to hear back from you! :)


Oh wow I'd LOVE to work with you! All these ideas sound amazing!
Also my base ref sheet are 40$ cad for a front and a back. That's a little less than 30$ us!
If you'd like to take a look here's my price list: http://darklunac.tumblr.com/commission

My tumblr is the easier place to reach me.
there's also my deviantart through notes: DarkLunac on DeviantArt
There's also my gmail at catherine.s.houle@gmail.com

Here's an example of a shaded full body:

A couple of examples of character design I did for myself:

And an example of my base reference sheet:


Artist, biologist, professional napper.
This sounds like a super interesting job! I'm an biology major (studying to become an ecologist) with an extensive knowledge of different species and anatomy. Check out my deviantart for more examples! I'd be happy to work with you within your budget :D


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Hello! This sounds like a lot of fun, and I'd love to work on it!

I can do examples like the ones below for $20 plus a $5 designing fee since it will take more time for me to make decisions without a guide to work with.
You can see where I got my price here.


I have quite a bit of experience in character design and can supply additional examples if you'd like. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

You can contact me:
at my email, chromanticart@gmail.com
at my furaffinity, CHROMANTIC

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to hearing back from you!


I can do sketches for $8 a pop that look like this:
www.furaffinity.net: Dump of Sketches by Rott-i-kins (NSFW)

Or I can do fully lined and colored images for $30 a pop:
www.furaffinity.net: ART TRADE: Golden Boy by Rott-i-kins
www.furaffinity.net: Dump of Sketches by Rott-i-kins
www.furaffinity.net: Bald 2016 by Rott-i-kins
www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSION: Gost Wolffang Reference by Rott-i-kins

Feel free to look through my gallery for more samples as well.

Thanks for looking! Just let me know if you're interested with a PM here or a note on my FA! Thanks!
Hello, I'd love to work with you ! I love designing characters for myself, and I have completed commissions working off a textual reference alone before and did not mind it. I can offer one view of a character with clean lines and color for $20, or a reference sheet with two views for $30. Here are some examples of my works:





If you are interested in commissioning me, feel free to message me on here or note me on my FurAffinity page: Userpage of werewolf-kun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net . You can also email me at volleyball.werewolf@gmail.com
hey i can offer you a full body anthro with full colored and shade and a backgrund if wanted for 30$. I'm mostly interested in the Indian one (Species:any non-feline/non-canid found in India.Gender: cisfemale. Age: Between twelve and twenty. Keyword(s): skull jewelry) but willing to do any of the other ones.
Examples of my work can be seen on my FurAffinity page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/millenium-shrimp/


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Hi there!! character design is one of my passions, and I know I'd have a lot of fun with this, so let's see if I have what you're looking for!
I can do a full body ink+ flat color for $30. here's an example:

and here is my full commissions page: Commission Info for edwiener -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
my email address and gallery are down in my signature. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Oh'my! This sounds like an awfully exciting project to be a part of!

$30 per piece is exactly where my full-body, colored and shaded commissions sit for their base price, which works out beatifully. Designing, developing, and illustrating character is my lifeblood and passion, so I sincerely hope my gallery can pique your interest. I'm experienced with drawing a wide variety of species and practically feed off of nature documentaries, so I know my biomes and wildlife. ;)

All of my commission information, terms of service, prices, and links to specific examples can be found on my website!

Please feel free to contact me via note on FA, send me a PM, or reach me via the email under the spoiler below.

Thanks for your time!