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(Base/YCH) Selling: LGBTQ+ Flower Power! $50 flat-price; colored/shaded bust


Sushi Bar Destroyer
#PrideMonth is here, so I sketched out some cute YCH busts to sell to start off the celebrations of self!
Flowers will be redrawn with more precise detail and colored to match your LGBTQ+ flag of your specification.

Limited slots available; I'll probably close this YCH later in the month or once 8-10 have been claimed~
Click here to visit the submission over on FA.

- Any species and gender is welcome! Feral accepted too!
- You specify the colors of the flowers to match the LGBTQ+ flag of your specification.
- You can decide a custom expression, or leave it up to me; the choice is yours.
- Your character will be drawn with the perspective angle of the placeholder; refined lines and full color/shading included.

- Reply to my 'claim here' comment with the # of slot you'd like to purchase to claim.
- I'll ask you via note/DM for your preferred e-mail address and then send you the invoice.
- Please be ready to pay. Do not claim a slot if you cannot pay within 24 hours of invoicing.
- Paypal USD only!
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