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Life Problems


Eh one could say life is a problem in and of itself depending on the situation, but anyways...I have many an issue with life:mad:, how do you guys cope when crap happens to ya?

Its been awhile since i've been :(on so i thought i would start it with a little thread.

Also im new to posting messages so go easy please LOL
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Life is hard. Think about what makes you happy and if you have a moment, enjoy that thing and then get back to life. You just gotta keep on going. Hope that helps.


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I always viewed life in a much similar way to what Rena described. But if it gets to be too much, my guitar has always been my means of expressing whatever it was i was feeling.


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Truthfully, I don't cope. The most I've done is choose to talk about it a bit less so it's not problematic for the things that I have that I do care about.

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I must say I don't give a damn about the issue at hand if it's an argument. If it's something else I'll hope for the best and try to not think about it that much


Find a hobby besides being a furry, experiment with things like when Rick James experimented with cocaine.

Off tangent but you get the idea...sorta

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I grab a drink and see the woman. Cheers me right up.


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I often internalize stress/anxiety/negative feelings. It works, but I wouldn't recommend it since it actually makes me feel physically crappy.

You may just try doing something, anything to take your mind off of it by keeping it consistently occupied including busy work or mentally demanding tasks (that is if focusing on happy things doesn't work).When I do that, I often focus much less on what's making me feel bad or bothering me.


Life would be boring if it were easy.

I mostly cope by keeping in mind that the future is unwritten. Even during the bad times, I can't guarantee what's going to happen next, so I wait for it to happen. Basically, it's worth sticking around to see what comes along next.

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Life is hard. Think about what makes you happy and if you have a moment, enjoy that thing and then get back to life. You just gotta keep on going. Hope that helps.

Yeah I agree that if you keep your head held high and keep moving things are bound to get better.


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I listen to music.. play violent games... cuddle with my mate...

You just have to find a method to relax.


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i normaly burn my head out with some heavy metal. it realy does help


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Run a few laps around the block. A little physical exertion helps quite a bit.

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Sometimes its the small things, music is an important one to me, animation sometimes, comedy, a few good friends, creation, um sex or fapping (which usually is the case XD, T_T ). Anyways, sometimes it might be a bit deeper say depression or anxiety issues maybe something else, don't be afraid to seek help if that's the case. Exercise, drawing, writing, cleaning sometimes, video games, etc. I wish you well kyne, love and light to you as well.