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Lifestyle, none fur versus fur.


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Never use your suit for sex. Never nononono.

Because it disrespects the artist, it disgusting to other furs and worse yet, when the public finds out that cute furry their child is hugging was fucking in suit last night it causes so much trouble.
Some fursuit makers make suits for that specific purpose. I agree with not wearing murrsuits in public to a degree. I question whether carefully cleaned suits are the big deal people make them out to be. People have sex in their clothes all the time and nobody stops to think, "Should I shake that guys hand? He may have creamed in his jeans at some point." I mean there ARE those who do think that but it's usually because they deal with germophobia. IMO as long as something has been cleaned properly and isn't being worn dirty and isn't allowing bits of their genitalia to be exposed I don't get the big deal.