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Limits of science


What would be a great future invention in each of these fields of science? Be creative and out of the box for each. Something I haven't thought of yet

1.) Astrophysics

2.) Biochemistry

3.) Botany

4.) Geology

5.) Medicine

6.) Physics

7.) Psychology

8.) Computers

9.) Anthropology

10.) Biology


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I think it fits several boxes but a great invention would be a new cheap construction material with properties similar to that of steel. I mean concrete is cheap but it has little to none resistance to traction forces. Steel on the other hand has a very good resistance but tends to be quite expensive.
Basically a cost effective material that would be easy to work with (like concrete ) mixed with high resistance(like steel) would be a very interesting invention


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You're not going to get any inventions out of botany or anthropology. Discoveries, yes, but not inventions.

Barring any FTL breakthroughs, astrophysics would lead to insights into things like Shkadov Thrusters and Nicoll-Dyson Beams, which you'd use as part of a Kardashev II civilization.
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Would love it if yhey all pooled together and invented something that non lethally eliminated the need for greed.
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Would love it if yhey all pooled together and invented something that eliminated general greed.
Greeds in our DNA. It's evolved into us. The only way to eliminate that is to kill everyone with greed in their DNA. So literally everyone. And we already have an invention for that. It's called a thermonuclear warhead.
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Our current limits are our understanding of the universe, materials, and our technological level. Einstein's theory doesn't include black holes, so it's incomplete.

In a couple thousand years it may be possible to create a Dyson's Sphere. We don't know.

Only a hundred years ago we didn't even imagine landing on the moon, let alone invent the internet. Our technology is advancing at a speed we can barely keep up with.