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(Commission) Selling: ($25+) Linearts - Comics - Animations - Telegram Stickers - 3D Models - Ref Sheets - Backgrounds


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
  • All commissions will be given update at least once per week, and upon request. Picarto.tv or Amino chat available for live input on Thursday / Saturday.
Professional portfolio:
  1. Furaffinity - Commissioned Works (YCHs & furry art)
  2. Artstation - School Works (game art & technical drawings)
  3. Instagram - Tattoo Works
  • Prices are listed in USD, but I accept EUR, GBP and CAD as well. USD / EUR is preferred.
  • Under $50, full payment up front
  • $50+, 50% before draft / 50% after draft
Term of service:
Read the T.o.S, folks! You agreed to these terms by default!

For telegram stickers packs, set price already includes both line n colour. There are no extra hidden fees to add colour.

Tier 3) Full body, avg. price $45/piece​

Tier 3) Combo: $80+, full body OC+ basic BG+ complex Prop / FX

live-input via telegram + stream via picarto
( Available every day @8pm / New York Time)
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Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
Nice work! Good luck ^_^ I may have to remember you. Also out of curiosity what do you do for the drawing lessons?
lesson focus:
for character, good design, anatomy, dynamic posing
for layout, composition, perspective, texture, contrast
for modeling, step by step on how to model something of your choosing

Part 2: Example & Guide to Character Sheets:
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Hello my fluffy children! OwO
what about a cute pose, like a shy one?


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