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I'm looking for a 100x100 icon of this lion (lol title typo) that I can use on other forums and such. Anyone open for them? Please post prices, examples (especially any of cats), and turnaround. C:
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While I'm closed with the normal commissions, I'm always opened with the icon ones (they don't take too much time, 1 and a half / 2 hours at max). I do traditionally colored icons for 3$, they come in a .zip file with the 500x500, 300x300 and 100x100 size files, and of course if you need another size I can crop and resize it for you :3
I didn't do any feral icon, but there's no prob with it.
Examples are here: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=57056
If interested, you can note me on my FA :3


I do these for $5 :)



LION! :D Oh man, I'd love to do this. I do icons traditionally for $10 (you get large and small files as well as the original mailed to you) or I can scan the lines and color digitally for $8.

Here's examples:


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Love the character. <3
I do icons for $5 apiece, which includes the 100x100 icon and the 500x500 original. I can also do simple animations at no extra cost. :) I'm off school this week so turnaround would be a day or less.
Full info can be found here; note me if interested~


I can do it for 5$. Turnaround would be 24 hours or less. You can see my art in the link in my signature. Just drop me a note if you're interested. :3