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Lion Selfie Sketches


So I was doing these on twitter and through an FA journal but well its not working and i really want to continue.
I'm drawing people as lions based off their photos, it's just to help me with variation in design!!
I won't share your photos (or even save them tbh)

  • Give me a single decent reference of your head, I must be able to see most of your face. Glasses are fine, I probably won't draw any piercings though because I'm lazy but we'll see!
  • Please also include a brief self description so I can get a vibe for your personality
  • theres no promise you'll get one or that I'll do everybody
  • If you have permission from another person, feel free to give me their photo as well!
  • these are not first come first serve, I'll probably keep coming back to this as well so I don't really have 'slots' I generally do 3-4 at a time, though.
  • You may not modify or steal this artwork. This is not a character creation commission, you may not use this as a character or for rp. If you wish to use it for an icon you may with proper credit: Xanderless/FA TheGodofLions/Twitter. You may not repost to your gallery.
  • If you are interested in a more completed picture or enjoy my style, feel free to PM me for a link to my commission information!!

Oohh this is really neat!
If it's not too much of a bother, could you try me or my SO ?
If I had to describe myself briefly, I'd say.. tired 24/7 because I'm a busy bee! I look much younger than I am and am usually mistaken for a high school kiddo.
My SO is an angry tall butt, passions rooted in music/games. When he grows out his beard he looks like a Game of Thrones character...
I hope that wasn't too lengthy or short. Have fun and thank you for the opportunity :D!


dapper cat
Uh...I'm pretty shy/soft spoken in person. Maybe reserved is the right word? But I'm also a total otaku/weaboo. Uh...IDK what else to say about myself ._.;; I like cute things and making cute things?

*edit to add:
i'm watching the stream, but i don't have a twitch to chit chat in there ^^;;
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