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List of conventions (sorted by month)


2015/16 Furry Convention Schedule* - MID YEAR UPDATE
*note some dates may change / recent cons that haven't set new dates linked at bottom

- USA or Canada
+- International


+- FurWanted: 8th-12th Barvia, Germany http://www.repage.de/member/furwanted/
- Anthrocon: 9th-12th Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania http://www.anthrocon.org/
+- EAST V: 22nd-26th Dessau-Roßlau, Germany http://east.sachsenfurs.de/
+- Furtastic: 22nd-25th Aalborg, Denmark http://www.furtastic.dk/
- Megaplex: 31st-2nd Kissimmee, Florida http://www.megaplexcon.org/

- Rocky Mountain Fur Con: 8th-10th Denver, Colorado http://www.rockymountainfurcon.org/
- IndyFurCon: 13th-15th Indianapolis, Indiana http://www.indyfurcon.com/
- Maltese Fur-Con: 14th-16th Boston, Massachusetts http://maltesefurcon.com/
+- Eurofurence: 19th-23rd Magdeburg Sachsen-Anhalt Germany http://www.eurofurence.org/
- Camp Feral: 20th-24th Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada http://campferal.org/
- Furry Migration: 28th-30th Bloomington, Minnesota http://www.furrymigration.org/

- Mephit Furmeet:4th-6th Olive Branch, Mississippi http://www.mephitfurmeet.org/
- FA:United: 11th-13th Whippany, New Jersey http://www.faunited.org/
+- Furcation 11th-14th Clevedon,U.K. http://furcation.org.uk/
- RainFurrest: 24th-27th Seattle, Washington http://www.rainfurrest.org/

+- FurWAG:2nd-4th Perth, Australia http://www.furwag.com.au/
- Fur Reality: 9th-11th Cincinnati, Ohio http://www.furreality.org/
- Fangcon: 30th-1st Knoxville, Tennessee http://www.fangcon.org/
- Unthrocon: 30th-1st Salt Lake City, Utah https://www.unthrocon.org/
- Oklacon: 29rd-1st Roman Nose State Park, Watonga Oklahoma http://www.oklacon.com/
- Arizona Furcon: Oct 31st-Nov 2nd Phoenix, Arizona http://www.arizonafurcon.com/

+- Scotiacon: 6th-8th Livingston, Scotland https://www.scotiacon.co.uk/index2.php
- Howloween: 7th Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada http://www.howloween.ca/
+- Kemocon 8: 21st - 22nd Kawasaki, Japan http://www.kemocon.com
- Fur Squared: 27th-1st Brookfield, Wisconsin https://www.fursquared.com

- Midwest Furfest: 5th-7th Rosemont, Illinois http://www.furfest.org/


+- ConFurgence: 8th-10th Melbourne, Australia http://www.confurgence.com/
- Further Confusion: 14th-18th San Jose, California http://www.furtherconfusion.org/
- Antro New England: 21st-24th Cambridge, Massachusetts http://www.anthronewengland.org

+- Abando: 6th - 9th São Paulo, Brazil http://abando.com.br/
+- Rusfence: 3rd-7th Moscow, Russia http://rusfurrence.ru/2015/

+- NordicFuzzCon: 3rd-6th Stockholm, Sweden http://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/
- Vancoufur: 3rd-6th Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada http://vancoufur.ca/
+- Gdakon V: 9th-13th Gdańsk, Poland http://gdakon.org/
- Furry Fiesta: 11th-13th Dallas, Texas http://www.furryfiesta.org/
- Furnal Equinox: 18th-20th Toronto, Ontario, Canada http://www.furnalequinox.com/
+- Furry Weekend Holland: 18th-21st Sleen, The Netherlands http://www.furryweekend.nl/
- Furry Weekend Atlanta: 31st-3rd Atlanta, Georgia http://www.furryweekend.com/

- Motor City Furry Con: 8th-10th Novi, Michigan https://motorcityfurrycon.org/
- Fur the More: 8th-10th Tysons Corner, Virginia http://www.furthemore.org/

- Fur-Eh: 6th-8th Endmonton, Alberta, Canada http://fureh.ca/

- Califur: 3rd-5th Irvine, California http://www.califur.com/
+- Kemono Square: 4th Shizuoka, Japan http://kemono-square.com/

- FurryCon 15th-18th Rochester, New York http://www.furrycon.com/

2015 Past Events - yet to set 2016 date (2015 Month Held)

- Fur Squared: Brookfield, Wisconsin https://fursquared.com/ (FEBRUARY)
+- FinFur Animus: Tuusula, Finland http://animus.finfur.net/#/ (MARCH)
- Wild Nights 2016: Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma http://www.wildnights.org/ (APRIL)
+- Mephit Mini Con 19: Kirchen, Germany http://mmc.furcon.eu/ (APRIL)
- Morphicon: Columbus, Ohio http://www.morphicon.org/ (APRIL)
+- Furry Down Under: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia http://www.furrydownunder.com/ (MAY)
+- WUFF 2015: Kiev, Ukraine http://wuff.org.ua/2015/ (MAY)
- Gateway Fur Meet: St. Louis, Missouri http://gatewayfurmeet.org/ (MAY)
- Biggest Little Fur Con: Reno, Nevada http://www.biggestlittlefurcon.org/ (MAY)
+- Confuzzled 2016: Birmingham, U.K. www.confuzzled.org.uk/ (MAY)
- Furlandia 2016: Portland Oregon http://furlandia.org/ (MAY)
- Great Lakes Fur Con: Grand Rapids, Michigan http://greatlakesfurcon.com/ (MAY)
- What The Fur: Montreal, Quebec, Canada http://whatthefur.ca/home_e.php (MAY)
+- ZodiaCon: Pardubice, Czech Republic https://www.zodiacon.org/ (MAY)
+- BerliCon: Berlin, Germany https://www.berlicon.org/ (JUNE)
- CampFur: 25th-28th Hope, British Columbia, Canada http://www.campfur.ca/ (JUNE)
+- ÄŒeSFuR: Prague, Czech Republic http://www.cesfur.org/ (JUNE)

Date Not Set

- F3: Springfield, Missouri http://f3convention.wix.com/f3con
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Hurr durr I'm a Big Black Burr
Re: Boosting our Conventions

Just an FYI, FurAffinity United will be September 11-13th of this year. Those August dates are from last year. I'd suggest you double-check the dates, just to be sure.


Re: Boosting our Conventions

Just an FYI, FurAffinity United will be September 11-13th of this year. Those August dates are from last year. I'd suggest you double-check the dates, just to be sure.

check. Thanks. That's what the thread is for : to check dates and spread the word!


Midyear update - if you see any mistakes or missed conventions please let me know and I'll update the above.