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List of Furry/Animal/Anthro Related Media (TV, Movie, Anime)


i have to agree, i wanted some FURRIES, not some disney junk. wait... IT'S CERBRUS?! i heard you were on here, but holy crap! i love your vids cerb! i loved rockoons 2!


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
-- American Dragon: Jake Long
-- Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers
-- Darkwing Duck
-- Ducktales
-- Gargoyles
-- Gummy Bears
-- Lilo and Stitch
-- Mighty Ducks
-- Talespin

There's a disturbing lack of Goof Troop in this list. I'm surprised that no Peg fan mentioned this.

Also not mentioned was Mighty Ducks The Animated Series.

I refuse to accept Jake Long American Dragon in a list of this much WIN, but it is Disney.

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Dreamworks now has Kung-fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness and Penguins of Madagascar TV series (and the movies that inspired them of course).


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If not already gotten:
summer wars
regular show
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Traven V

Has anyone mentioned the 'Pom Poko' anime?


The Last of Us.
There was a liveaction puppet thing on BBC a while back, Mongrels i think it was called.


Nine Lives and Counting
What got me into the furry drawing, was the Sly Cooper saga.
I would add that, but add it to a games section, it was a beginning point for many people.
There was a stop-motion animated children's programme in the 70's called The Magic Roundabout (here's an episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3DcChXNyYQ), of which about half the 'cast' were anthropomorphic animals. It wasn't shown in the US, though. There was a film made of it called "Dougal and the Blue Cat", which, even though it was a kids film, is pretty creepy and disturbing at some points (here's one of the creepy bits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiESwuVz_bI).


How about comic books series? I know a couple of great furry ones. Or is there a thread for that already?