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now we all know we see foxes, dragons, wolves everyday in the fandom, but what are some interesting fursonas, is anyone a interesting animal? I've seen spiders and bats, so that's off the list, but that is still interesting so I could count it as well.

I'm wondering any weasels? Any Raccoons, ik they are some, but I wanna get to know some new furs along with it.

Thinking about becoming a weasel, small, aggressive, brown hair, fast and slender. Huh? What you think?

Here's a question to go along with it what's the most popular and what is the least popular fursona, my guess is the most popular is foxes or dogs. And the least is like bats and spiders.


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Most popular: probably wolfs
Least popular:
house vents


Don’t see many apes about. Some don’t even see us as proper furries. Too close to humans apparently.

Don’t care though. BackPaw is a part of me. Less that I chose him, more that he was always there.


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We literally have a trash can sona on the forums. @Trashsona. xD

IMO character development is more important than what species you have. If you basically only have stats on your character that which you could use in DnD, it's not exactly easy to relate to the character.


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I guess I'm more or less of a subcategory of the fox side as a kitsune.


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Proud striped Skunk here!

A bit rare, I think there's 3 of us now, on the forums, and we tend to be pretty mellow sorts, on the introspective side, not ones to pick fights, because we know you will lose : P Also, cute, fluffy and we have the best tails.

But also funloving, quirky, and none too concerned with others think of us. We're skunks, ya gotta problem with that, and we'll spray ya, and be on our way!
I used to have a sloth oc, but that was a long time ago. I currently don't even have a fursona, but I've got so many ideas about what I'd like to do ;_; I just can't decide what represents me better.
I LOOOVE primates, though, especially baboons. I also was in the process of designing a fish fursona before realizing it'd be too awkward hahahah
it was literally a fish head on a human body *_*


I forget where on here it is, but there is a master list someone was compiling of species and how many of each.


Another damn wolf here :p

However, I did have a raccoon as a sona some amount of years ago.. Aside from that, and a bear, all my sonas have been canine


My "sona" is a cat, cause I'm just so very original like that ;)
But I do have a mix of OC's ranging from another cat, a fox, a bear, and then on to a cheetah dragon and a lovecraftian squid monster. So yeah, mixed bag.