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(Commission) Selling: Literature, Erotic and Non ($10-$40)

Bones Malone

Monster Husbandrist & Writer
Hello! My name is Bones, and I'm a writer! It's nice to meet you!
I'm an experienced writer, and I'm at my best when writing erotic literature, though lately I've been trying to branch out into more action scenes as well. My biggest comfort zone is the Pokemon franchise, and I'm a lot more likely to be able to provide what you want if your parameters are within there.

The $5 minimum will get you 1200-ish words, and that can be cranked up to 4800 words for $20. If I end up writing more than what you paid for, I promise not to charge you for it. Sometimes I get worked up.

You can find an example of my porn here, while non-porn can be found here.

I can be best reached through email at gentlemanbones@gmail.com. Your finished work will likely arrive for you in the form of a Google Doc hyperlink, easily shared. I retain the right to post any work I complete to my profile, but the commissioner can request anonymity if they don't want their name attached. You can usually expect your commission, especially shorter stories, within a single day.