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(Commission) Selling: Literature/Writing Commissions


New Member
I'm opening up writing commissions once again! You can find all the necessary information here, but to give you a summary:

+ There are examples of my writing on the link provided. Besides fiction, I also write poetry, world building and scripts for a myriad of content.
+ Base price is $0.02 per word, or $20 per 1000 words.
+ There are extra fees for research, usually around 10 usd if I have to be very thorough about something specific I'm not already familiar with.
+ I write both Fanfiction and original stories, SFW and NSFW, content with OCs in a pre-existing canon story, and most fetishes.
+ You can contact me here or through deviantArt.
+ Payment is made upfront and through PayPal.

Thank you very much for your attention, and hope to hear from you soon~ ✨