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Little Help Please? :D


A Huggable Hybrid
Hello! I've tried drawing my own fursona but I'm reeeeallly bad at drawing, so I'm looking towards this lovely community for some help! If anyone can help me out in drawing him, please let me know! Here is his description:

Angus is a 34-year-old Saber-Lion (a Saber-tooth tiger combined with a lion). For his physical build, he's an average muscular lion. For his head, it's the head of a lion, but with the teeth of a Saber-tooth tiger. He has a red, fluffy mane (doesn't matter what shade of red) that would run down to just above his waist, but it is very fluffy. His fur colors are a yellow-orange kind of color for his back and paws, but his underbelly is a peach kind of color. The tip of his tail fur is also the color of his mane (Again, you can choose what shade of red, as long as it's a wee bit dark.).
He's about 5'11" tall. His fur also grows down his face, like a beard, but not long at all. Finally, for his clothes, if you could draw him with cargo pants (any other kind works, as long as it's not tight), and a regular t-shirt is fine. :D
And if you feel like it, if you could draw him with his claws unsheathed? This is totally optional.

Thanks again!

Alex K

I dont think thatll be needed.
Your profile pic is already pretty good!


Miss Fluffy Bottom
i only had a little bit a free time so i only did a quick headshot. its something i suppose.