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Little things you like?

Corran Orreaux

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What are the tiny parts of life you enjoy?

Some of mine: I like the sound of shoes clicking against the floor. Don't know why (just assume most of the things on this will be things I can't explain why I like it).
I like looking at full bookshelves - mainly my own. I like when cats lay down in a spot heated up by the sun and just sprawl out all comfy.
I like how new video games with the clear wrap just taken off smell.
Songs or folklore involving the Devil in the South.
How soft wind feels.
The sound of running water.
When I steal a joke or quote and no one catches me on stealing it and think it's my own.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
I like the way concrete smells, just as it starts to rain.
I like the way Sycamore trees let off that sharp, curious musky smell, after it rains.
-old wooden floors, that are somewhat worn, and in places, creak underfoot.
-seeing a raccoon in the alley
-the sound the doves make, nesting between the buildings
-the color the sun casts, on the row of old brick buildings, across from us, that odd orange/red glow
-watermelon, in the summer, the type with seeds


petit trou du luke
a bottle of fresh coca cola when I go back from home , dangerous driver who let me cross the road as a pedestrian , the sound when I open the fridge , when I sit down when I was standing up since 4 AM for eating my weggies.

A Minty cheetah

~C H E E~
The smell of petrol (gasoline).
Having a bath before getting into a bed made up with freshly washed sheets.
Tickling my cat's paw pads.
The sound of a cat's purr.
The smell of freshly cut grass.
•Late night watching a movie with cereal
•That rain smell
•Bike ride with temps that aren’t burning me alive
•Old dvd stores like blockbuster
Edit: Oh and the calm before the summer rainstorms we have here
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From out of the rain.
I love the smell of cordite. Just a whiff of gun propellant always gives me an inner calm.

I also love the smell of burnt petrol and heated oil that my land rover exudes.

Whisky and a vinyl late at night is awsome too.

Le Chat Nécro

most thugged-out dope hoe
The way long flowy skirts billow behind me when it's windy.

The sound of rain on roof tiles and thunder in the distance.

A friendly Midwestern "good morning/afternoon" from a stranger on the street.

Freshly washed sheets against freshly shaved legs.

Unexpected, non bill related mail.

Blank pages and open books.


A Minty cheetah

~C H E E~
Ooh, going camping and falling asleep to gentle rain hitting the tent while being snuggly warm in your sleeping bag.
Then, waking up the morning after to a nice clear day and everything feels all fresh and new because of the rain! :3

I love going camping...


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-Seeing foxes

-New car smell

-When you wake up in the middle of the night, and still have a few hours of sleep left.

-The sound of a heavy thunderstorm approaching.

-Banana peppers

-Banana pudding.

-Going into the air conditioning after being out in the heat for awhile.


profound asshole
collecting meaningless expensive shit to bolster my self-esteem.

doing retarded shit in games with friends

recording shitty satire soundcloud rap songs with said friends

when the level of heat is just right

sitting in scalding hot showers and c̶r̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ daydreaming

that feel when you're chilling at 2 AM with a friend

when somebody compliments my OC.

when an artist acknowledges that i'm a human being.

and last but not least, my baby -


aka Cutter Cat
Crab legs with drawn butter
The tidal marshes after a rain.
Watching the waves lap against the ocean shore
Small talk with good friends.

Doodle Bunny

Definitely a rabbit... 100%...
Coffee in the morning

Good yoga stretches

Cute videos with animals

Dinosaur/other prehistoric documentaries

Getting a day to play video games without feeling guilty about it

Getting things done before noon

Hot showers

Theraputic baths

A quality merlot

Laying back in my comfy chair and making art

Shorts in the summer

Being a blanket burrito