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Little things you like?

Connor J. Coyote

The ¥oteƵer Extraordinaire
Rice pudding.... I love ♥ this stuff...


Well-Known Member
  • The sound of heels on hard flooring (cement, wood, etc)
  • The smell of salty sea air
  • The sound of waves against a moored boat
  • Super soft fleece, especially on blankets
  • Petting dogs
  • Petrichor
  • When there's a background noise that you don't notice until it shuts off, and you get that, like, tingling feeling from the sudden silence
  • Going for a drive with good tunes - no real destination
  • Wandering the mall, grabbing a milkshake or something while we do so
  • That first feeling when waking up
  • Long sweaters and cloaks
  • Blockbuster :c
  • Sounds and smell of an evergreen forest
  • Rings fitting just right
  • Completing artwork or a poem
  • Video gaming without guilt (lol)
  • Relaxed streaming with a steady chat
  • Hot showers


Lady of the lake
I found vegan steak at the grocery store yesterday.
It was bleeding when I cut it. What a time to be alive :)


Lady of the lake


Hearing birds outside
The green trees
Blue skies
Cloudy skies
Cool Rain
Puppy noises
Dog sighs
Being aware of my existence
Smell of grass
Texture of trees
Vanilla ice cream
Hot baths
Floating in cool deep water...


Slippery When Wet
I love thunderstorms in the summer, especially late afternoon when I can see those dark clouds coming over the horizon. The air picks up, the temperature drops just a bit and you can hear the thunder in the distance.
I love the smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies baking.
I love stepping outside my back door and hearing my horse nicker at me from all the way down in the barn.
I love being in places that are far from city lights, when you can look up at the night sky and see the Milky Way, and shooting stars and constellations.
I love visiting places with box canyons and cliffs and moss-covered boulders, waterfalls and recess caves.


Cute cow that likes computer hardware
  • The taste of salted popcorn
  • The sound of white noise
  • The feel of the wind on my face
  • Seeing cute animales outside
  • The sound of wind chimes blowing in the wind
  • The smell of candy floss
  • The sound of trickling water
  • The sound of ice cream chimes in the sky
  • The sight of a bright moon
  • The smell of fresh fish

Niru the Husky

Can easily be persuaded with bacon...
  • The smell of acetic acid
  • Destroying things
  • Watching yt videos while having a good dinner
  • When I have to close the doors at the animal stables, I enjoy to look into the woods, while the sun dissapears and thinking about the past, and how good it was
  • When sth in the laboratory works how it should work ^^
  • Finding new interesting and helpful formulas for finite rows
  • The feeling, when I bite into the first sushi in a restaurant or drinking an extra cold icetea, after hard work