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I'm Dox and I've been staring at FAF for quite a bit but have been too lazy to type and such. I'm 26 years old from the east coast of USA. I'm a Dox... Yes... A Dox. That is my :V oh-so creative name for a crossbreed of fox and deer. Is there already such a species? I don't know, not aware of its name so now it is Dox. You are very welcome! I am a horrible artist as you can see in my avatar, so I would like to improve such awful lack of talent! I also look forward to meeting all the cool people, I SEE YOU IN THERE! SHOW YOURSELVES. Otherwise... I'm pretty chill. Not the smartest cookie, well I'm not even a cookie--- So... Yup! Alright, be gentle with my fur it mats easy! >:O

Lollipops and rainbows,

This is me licking your screen... :3 Enjoy that.
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Hey, salutations is my catchphrase! >:V

Well, welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay!


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It is a touch screen you just canceled my...


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Love your fursona! Welcome aboard.


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Since I don't want to spam this, here's a general thank you to everyone's welcome and anyone to come! ^o^


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Hello there. Coincidentally my name is a deer and a fox.

By the way your pawprint link to your profile does not function. You should only enter the username in the settings, rather than the full url.